Learn to Connect usb device wirelessly via bluetooth network

Now it is the age of wireless communications. People are more willing to wireless communication than traditional USB device or communication. That,s, why wireless headphone,s speaker, keyboard are becoming popular. Most of the wireless device communication depends on Bluetooth network and some over the wifi network.GPRS is limitless. But it is costly. But their communication

5 Actionable ways to increase bluetooth range for your cellphone

Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology within a short range. Usually it,s network works within 30 fit distance. But, With the passing of time, It,s range is increasing day by day. Now it has been increased up to 1000 fits. But This distance is not available on the smartphones yet. However, you make your existing

Hackers can use hidden audio commands to hack anyone,s smartphone

Researchers found that Hacker can attack with hidden audio commands to apple,s Siri, Amazon,s Alexa, google assistant. This audio command is not inaudible to a human ear. This hidden command can make a phone call, transfer money, open a website and other activities which are controlled by a smartphone. Even They can attack if your

How to fix water damaged phone Completely(24 hours)

We often drop our phone from hand and front pocket of a shirt. As a result, we broke our phone glass and often get useless completely. If we drop our phone in the water or mud, there is more possibility to get damaged and useless. This is how we lose our favorite phone. So, we

10 Causes that will damage your smartphone Accidentally

A smartphone is an integral part of our daily life. Every moment we must need a smartphone to communicate with people. There are a few things that we can not do with our smartphone. Day by day the smartphone users are increasing. But most of the users do not know how to use their smartphone.

These 14 innovative gadgets that will make you a smart student

Student life is a very busy life.There are lots works beside study.It is very hard to maintain their works and routine.If You do not maintain your works, you will be leg behind.In the era of technology, A student can maintain their daily routine using technology.There are lots of tech products that can solve their daily

Snapchat launches new water resistant spectacles with camera for $150

Snapchat announced for launching their new spectacles with design improvement.The new spectacles also include lots of new features.It is very user-friendly on the beach. The video resolution has been improved to 1216×1216, up from 1088×1088. Photos are captured at about 2.7 megapixels (1642×1642). The onboard storage can hold about 150 videos and 3,000 photos.The snaps

Huawei,s the first triple lens camera phone for photographers launched

Huawei has brought a new revolution on the smartphone photographer. Yesterday at Riyad, the capital city of Saudi Arabia, Huawei launched the first smartphone, Huawei’s P20 Pro with triple lens camera and also a tablet MediaPad M5. The Huawei conference at Riyadh held gorgeously.There were lots of journalists and social media influencers. The new Huawei

how to check your phone for viruses (two different ways)

A virus is a harmful program that may make your phone useless or corrupt your phone data.So, you should remove the virus from your phone.Before removing viruses, You must be ensured that virus exists on your phone.So, You needs to check your phone viruses.There are many ways, you can check your phone viruses.If you have
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